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XXX parody of Snow White. Once upon a time, a little whore Princess fucked with the wrong evil Queen bitch! A spell is cast and the only way for our princess to awaken is for all of her holes to get pounded by her little forest friends. Snow White begs to get stuffed by 5 guys- she will do anything to break the spell! Hardcore face fucking, DP, Anal, bukakke, cream pie!

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Danica Dillon is a sweet girl. So much so that our guys could take her sitting down. Even though she was offered thousands of dollars more if she could keep them out of her holes, this weak and innocent thing was just too obliging. Despite her honestly adorable attempts to escape, Danica Dillon is going to get stuffed air tight with 5 rock hard cocks, and she's gonna love it. Rough sex, choking, anal, DP, & Bukkake!

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Zoey Monroe has been trading sexy letters with a thug in prison who she is trying to rehabilitate. She becomes infatuated and begs her pen-pal to behave so he can get released soon. She shares a dirty fantasy with him: to take her by surprise with all of his thug friends and give her the gang bang of her dreams. She longs to be taken down and used as a blonde fuck doll. Stuffed in every hole, ass pounded, face fucked and used as a cum rag.

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Roxanne Rae is out to save the environment even if it means shutting down factories and hard working Americans loosing their jobs. She has has never worked a day in her life and is annoyingly self-righteous. She tries to get some blue collar ruffians to give her a tour of the factory they work at but these guys aren't stupid. They know the little bitch will report her findings to the authorities. However, determined to complete her thesis she offers them a free fuck if they let her snoop around. She says she likes it rough and to go ahead and take her down. 5 guys- 3 holes- how many dicks can they stuff inside this horny little whore?. More than you may think! Rough sex, face fucking, triple penetration, bukakke.
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